Caffé Cervino - is associated today with high-quality coffee that provides fresh from roasting for unique coffee experience!

While other major suppliers store their roasted coffee , on average, two to three months before delivery in central warehouses , our products reach after a short storage to us.
To provide the best coffees in our own house blend , only the best coffees are refined in our roastery. It is set on a gentle roasting at lower temperatures and longer roasting time, which one clearly distinguishes itself from the large producers .
Our roastery continues with uncompromising passion for good coffee! For this, one uses only exquisite green coffee that one . Wherever possible buys directly from the producers and processed with great sensitivity to a coffee that also palate promises a high quality enjoyment.

Fair Trade

Green coffee comes mostly from the Third World or emerging countries , where the coffee cultivation is an important economic factor. Wherever possible, nourishes our roastery close contact with the producers and buys directly from these. Fair Trade - without intermediaries - thus ensuring the coffee farmers a adequate. Since 2011, they support a coffee project in Lampocoy (Guatemala) . The local coffee farmers produce over 1200 meters high a position of coffee. Lampocoy , a small village with only 500 inhabitants is located in the coffee growing region of Nuevo Oriente, in the Eastern Highlands of Guatemala.

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