hot drinks

Espresso, Ristretto, Espresso Macchiato, Espresso Doppio
Café Crème, Café decaffeinated, Tea, café au lait, Cappuccino
Latte Macchiato, Iced Latte Macchiato
hot chocolate (white, brown, black), Ovomaltine, Ovo Mélange
hot chocolate „Marta“ (italian chocolate)

Our Specials

Café Mocca (Composition from chocolate and coffee)
Banango (Chai Latte mango, banana syrup)
White Chocolate Mocca (white chocolate, Espresso, milk foam)
Chai Tea Latte (vanilla, spiced, mango)
Green Matcha Latte (japan. green tea powder, milk foam)
Latte Macchiato Flavour (ca. 30 syrups for selection)
All on request with soya-, almond- , hazelnut, or quinoa milk

...with alcohol

Latte “tiziano’s” (Espresso, milk foam, cinnamon liqueur and cream)
Latte Baileys / Amaretto (Espresso, milk foam, Baileys / amaretto & cream)
Latte “The Flying Dutchman” (Espresso, milk foam, egg liqueur & cream)


Cool drinks

Mineral water, Coca Cola, Coca light, Coca zero
Nestea Lemon, Sprite, Fanta orange, Rivella red, Rivella blue, Rivella mango
Apfelschorle, apple juice, Bitter Lemon, Tonic, Ginger AleSanbitter
Self made limonade, Red Bull
Juices: peach, multivitamin, orange
Valaisanne beer, Panache, Saisonal beer, Blonde 25, Heineken
Schneider Weissbier, Feldschlösschen alcohol-free
Corona, Somersby Apple, Sommersby Elderflower

Smoothies True Fruits

100% fruit & 100% nature

yellow: orange, apple, banana, mango, maracuja
purple: apple, banana, orange, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, current
pink: apple, guanábana, banana, dragon fruit


Bubble Tea

Create your own bubble tea.

Green tea with lemon taste
syrup: strawberry or green apple
Popping Boba (pearls): strawberry or mango


Piña Colada
(rum, ananas juice, coconut cream)
(Cachaca, sugar, limes)
Strawberry Daiquiry
(rum, strawberry liqueur, sugar, lime juice)

Aperol Spritz, Hugo, Bruno, Ernesto, different Longdrinks


Valaisanne white wines
Fendant, Blanche Rosé, Johannisberg
Heida, St. Jodern, Heida Melodie, St. Jodern
Petite Arvine, Chevaliers
Amigne de Vétroz, Serge Roh
Sherpa blanc, Chevaliers

Italian and spain white wines
Moscato d’Asti, Bera - Intense scent of fresh grape, sage, honey, apricot
Sauvignon Blanc, Stajnbech - Elegant "green" note of fine, elegant fruit
Chardonnay, Stajnbech - Fragrance of flowers, peach, tropical fruits

Valaisanne red wines
Dôle, Pinot Noir
Syrah, Chevaliers - Aroma of cassis, violets & carnations
Humagne Rouge, Chevaliers - Rustic touch of wild berries and pepper
Sherpa, Chevaliers - Harmonious assemblage of Pinot Noir & Humagne Rouge
Pinot Noir Grand Cru - Velvety aromas of berry fruit, cassis, elderberry
Merlot Valais, L‘Orpailleur - Smell of ripe red fruits, fine spice notes
Mitra, St. Jodern - Assemblage of Gamay and Pinot Noir, aroma of dark berry, mint

Italian and spain red wines
Barbera d’Asti Vigne Vecchie - Fresh, fruity scent, slightly tart notes
Rioja Rincon de Navas -Fine Rioja with a fine aroma of red fruits

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